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Timing Services

15 years and over 80 events worth of experience!

We provide professional Timing Services using our Brower wireless timing system which is accurate to 100th of a second and is versatile enough for all kinds of racing: BorderX, Slalom, Downhill, Speed Traps and Skatepark Racing. We have provided timing for the Muir Skate Downhill Disco in San Diego, the TimeShip Speed Trap at the Pikes Peak Downhill in Colorado and the Boardwalk Brawl in Atlantic City.

Contact us by e-mail or give a call to discuss making your next event as professional as possible.


Clincs for your Club or Team

Does your High School, College or local shop have a Club or Team? What kind of skating do you like to do together? Skate School has several programs that we can custom fit to your needs and goals. Clinics can be planned around when your group is available and we can help you plan a trip here to Santa Fe for a long weekend or come to where you are and hold a clinic or help you to run an event.

Clubs and Teams receive personalized group instruction to help identify which fundamentals will help keep everyone progressing as well as giving plenty of on board homework for the coming months. Whether it`s in the streets, the skate parks or out on the hills, we always start with the safety skills and drills that you will need to progress without getting hurt.

Falling is a given in this sport, get used to it. The difference between Falling and Crashing is the most important skill to learn because if you`re not falling you are not pushing your self and that is a big part of progressing.

Event Planning

Nothing beats attending a well organized and fun event!

TimeShip Racing was one of the first groups to organize annual downhill and slalom races in the US starting in 2001. 50 events later, the TimeShip Skate School has the experience to help make your next event as professional as possible! Having an experienced staff at your event makes a big difference to the riders, sponsors and spectators. It also gives you the organizer more confidence that your event will be a success.

We offer Consulting, Planning and Timing Services which can help you design a successful event to meet your goals. We can help you tackle things like permits, insurance, promotion and gathering sponsors which can seem daunting. This is why many groups give up or just hold outlaw events, but once you have put on a legal permitted event it gets easier every year and your event can grow.

Contact us by e-mail or give a call to discuss making your next event as professional as possible!